Fell off the Blogging Train

Chooo choooo thud!

January just got so busy, and not even in a good way. We are “paused” from in person school this week due to incredibly high COVID-19 case rates around here, while we wait on our eldest’s booster shot to kick in. On top of the stress that comes from our routine being upended, I lost a friend to cancer this past week. Losing people to this awful disease never, ever gets easier.

There have been bright spots too, of course! We finished our LEGO Daily Bugle – I’ll need to write an update on our LEGO city that we’ve been working on. Virtual school hasn’t been all bad – it’s been fun to have a peek into each kid’s day to day. And I recently reminded myself how to crochet and am starting a blanket. The blanket will probably take a very long time but hey, it’s still fun.

I also saw this meme that made me laugh, and also basically sums up my current feelings about January:

Anyhow! Back on the train. Here’s to life, as messy as it can be.

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