Dreaming of Road Trips

Today’s Bloganuary prompt:

What is a road trip you would love to take?

I have blogged before about how we want to visit as many USA states as possible before our oldest kids move out of the house. Once COVID calms down some, I have a few trips I want to do that will knock out a few states.

The first trip I want to do is Washington DC to Maine. The route we would go would depend on what people wanted to do and see. Just for fun I planned out a trip with 7 stops:

If we had a couple of weeks to drive around and camp one summer, something like that would be really fun.

The second trip I’ve thought about doing – once my friends in Manitoba can get back into the States, maybe – is to go out to Mt Rushmore:

The third trip I want to do, and this is a Bucket List trip for me, is to fly into Las Vegas, drive to Joshua Tree, see Joshua Tree National Park, then drive to Los Angeles and do a couple days at Disney. Along the way I would like to see the Grand Canyon, too.

So there’s my top three road trips right now. Do you have any road trips you’re wanting to take?

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    1. Steal away!!! Also, I didn’t want to make the post TOO long but I have another itinerary saved that involves Mass/northern NY/Toronto… 😉

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