Ha, so, I was going to update this blog regularly…and then chemo started and I got so sick I ended up taking a couple months off of work, and I just couldn’t handle blogging.

I have now done 16 rounds of chemo from February to July, then on July 25th I had a bilateral mastectomy. I then had a second surgery to remove a cancerous lymph node that didn’t get removed during my full axillary dissection (long story, that one). I then had another surgery because my incision on that side got irritated from procedure #2 and decided to open.

I’m doing okay mentally, but in some ways I’m still barely keeping my head above water. I might blog about it more once things settle down.

Right now though, I am healing from my third surgery, and feeling very stir crazy. I’m starting to think about our house again, and projects I want to do around here. I’m working out scheduling for work and kids and everything else during my next 7 weeks of radiation. I’m feeling a little panicky because this is the calendar they gave me and holy heck that’s a lot of appointments all on its own:

And that’s just October. Sob. I’ll be going through November 21st. It could be way worse! But yeah, it’s a lot.

On the positive side, I’m escaping to the gulf for a couple days soon with my husband – I’ve never been and seeing the Gulf of Mexico is a bucket list item for me, so I can’t wait! My kids are all doing well in school, I feel like I’m finally getting my brain back and that I’m able to focus during work again, and oh! I have hair again:

So yeah! That’s a super short version of the last, oh, 9 months. Hahaha.

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  1. Thanks for the update!! Love the new hair – looks so cool actually!! Pixie, punk, rockstar!! :hugs:

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