Waiting, Testing and Productivity

So since my last post, I’ve seen more doctors and gotten more tests back. (And my cats are getting really tired of how much I’m out of the house. They are used to me home a lot because I work from home. Remus decided to take matters into his own hands, er, paws, and sit on my shoes last week to keep me from going out again.)

The biggest information that we now have is that my particular cancer is “hormone receptor positive”. This mean it grows in response to estrogen and progesterone. This article talks a bit more about it.

We are unfortunately still waiting to find out if my cancer is HER2+ or not. The first test was inconclusive. HER2+ tends to mean the cancer will be more aggressive and fast growing, so that’s not great, but there are meds they can give that directly focus on “shutting off” HER2 in your body – so I’m trying not to worry too much. I should find out today at some point which one it is, and then my oncologist can make some treatment decisions.

Today and tomorrow I am doing a bunch of testing to make sure my heart is healthy enough for all the chemo drugs, and also to make sure the cancer hasn’t spread. I am trying to stay positive. It’s been hard. I’ll be glad once those are done and the results are back. My oncologist assures me that they should send him the results very quickly, at least.

This sign was super comforting while waiting for today’s testing…hahaha! I’m not glowing (yet) though…

Once everything is back and I’m cleared for chemo, I’ll get something called a “port-a-cath”. This is a small item placed in my chest that will be connected to a catheter going into my blood stream. Having the port will mean that I don’t need to be stuck with an IV every time they need blood or to give me chemo meds, so this is a really good thing.

In order to burn time while waiting on all these tests, we have been cleaning and purging. Awhile back we had cleared out our storage unit and had placed a bunch of the boxes, our old crib, and a few other random assorted items like that into our loft so I could sort through them. We needed to move my office space up into the loft again (we had moved it down to a more central area of the house, but I don’t want it there while I will be in and out of work) and also get our loft set up for having guests in and out. We are now about 90% of the way there overall – and the loft is 95% clean – so yay!

We also watched the live action filming of Rent last night. I loved parts of it, was meh on other parts. Anyone else watch it? What were your thoughts?

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